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The Platinum Publishing Group

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award is for women of all ages who own or run their own business. This woman must demonstrate they have achieved commercial success, have clear plans, strategies and goals for their business and a strong track record of innovation. The judges will be looking for evidence of how this individual stands out from the crowd through their unique and entrepreneurial approach to business. Entrants must have been trading for a minimum of two years.

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ACES Alliance of Chamber East Sussex

Start Up Business of the Year

This award is for women who have started a new business and has been trading no earlier than 1st Oct 2017. Be ‘independently owned’ and Sussex based or has office based in Sussex. While undeniably tough, starting a business creates its own energy of resilience, while overcoming obstacles and learning by doing forges the experience needed to conquer bigger and better things, we want to know your story and your journey.

Sponsored By: ACES Alliance of Chamber East Sussex

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Gemini Print

Sussex Business of the Year

This award recognises a Sussex based business which has excelled in their field. The Business must be owned, part owned or partly run by a woman, has been operating for more than two years and must be able to demonstrate exceptional performance, growth and market leadership. * This category covers small, medium and large businesses.

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Let’s Do Business Group

Most Enterprising Business of the Year

This award allows us to recognise the efforts of those who have developed a new enterprising business, or those more established who have perhaps identified a niche market to operate in or moved their business in an entirely new direction.

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Southern IT

Employer of the Year

The judges are looking for an employer that is supporting women in the workplace, demonstrating exceptional commitment to gender equality and has a creative approach to enabling women to realise their full potential. This could include taking action in areas such as recruitment, employee recognition and development, flexible working, helping women returning to the workplace or any other ways of creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture which enables women to excel. * The award is open to men, women or corporate organisation.

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The Sussex Chamber of Commerce

The Red Brick Award

This award is for female professionals who shape the world we live in through their work in property, from infrastructure planning, architecture, construction industry to property sales professionals. These women make a huge difference to our lives.

Sponsored By: The Sussex Chamber of Commerce

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Propeller Net

Digital Woman of the Year

More women are developing platforms in the digital space - programming, social media, IT and broadcast media. This category recognises talented, ground-breaking women who excel in the digital space. The award will go to a woman who has demonstrated successful results in the area of digital innovation in the last 18 months.

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Avensys Hire & Events

The Amy Johnson Woman in Engineering Award

The Amy Johnson Woman in Engineering Award is a new category for the BWEA 2019. The award will honour an individual who has made truly remarkable achievements in furthering the diversity agenda within engineering and applied sciences to include technology.

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The Mumpreneurs Networking Club

Mentor/Coach of the Year

Many successful women pay tribute to role models, supporters or coaches who have enabled them to flourish in their business/professional life, so this award pays tribute to those mentors and coaches. The Award will recognise the organisation or individual that is doing the most to support, nurture or coach young women in business. * The award is open to men, women or corporate organisation.

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Legal & Professional Woman of the Year

This award will go to an individual who excels and provides exceptional service to her clients in the legal and ’professional services’, including accountancy, tax advice, recruitment/human resources and management consultancy. The judges will be looking for evidence of the highest levels of knowledge, skills and communication. Please share with us some customer testimonials as well as details of your business journey and why your company stands out from others.

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Online Ticket Seller

Women in Uniform

This award recognises successful women in uniform e.g. The police force, military, medicine. The winner will be a woman who is making a significant contribution, gone the extra mile or destined to be the top of their field.

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Locate East Sussex

Sussex Corporate Woman of the Year

This award is open to women at board or senior executive level who are ’breaking the glass ceiling’ and achieving at the very highest business level. This award is for women who are working in a management role within a corporate company. These women will have had 10+ years of experience of corporate leadership and evidence they have driven the business forward with exceptional results. We would like you to share your success to inspire other women to set their sights on reaching the top of their corporate ladder.

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Worldwide Webdesign

Sussex Woman in the Arts

The arts are a strong sector for women with many outstanding top performers. Whether a woman is from the world of performance art, community art, galleries and exhibitions management, or an artist, musician, author, or maker in Sussex their success should be nominated and entered into this award. For many the arts are a very challenging and competitive environment, so the opportunity to highlight and celebrate achievement is important.

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Kreston Reeves

Sussex Business Woman of the Year

This award recognises the qualities of a successful woman in a profession or leading a business to make a significant individual contribution to deliver superior performance. Business Woman of the Year is open to all professional/businesswomen who own or part-own the business.

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Brighton Gin

International Business Woman Award

A highly prestigious award to recognise a successful businesswoman working/based in Sussex who trades/operates significantly overseas. One example of what the judges will be looking for is substantial growth over the last two years – someone who is establishing the bandwidth of her organisation (large or small) outside the UK to Pan European or global markets.

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Fountain Digital

The Wellness Award

The world is waking up to alternative therapies so this award will be presented to the best female owned business in the Health or Wellness Therapy industry (Personal Trainer, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Nutritionist, Osteopath, Mental Health Support, Physiotherapist, Yoga Practitioner). The winner of this award will have made a positive impact on the lives of your clients, so ensure our judges have a complete picture of what you do, please add treatment testimonials, relevant business information and your areas of specialism. Please also detail for us how you promote your practice to gain new clients, at the same time as maintaining excellent levels of service for current ones.

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Fountain Productions

Working with Children and Families Award

We are looking for the best business woman whose enterprise supports children or families. This category is open to any business/organisation that works directly with children or families including: Theatre and Music Schools, Sporting Clubs, Publications, Tuition, Training, Development, Ante-Natal or Post-Natal Services, Children’s Welfare, Nurseries. We’re looking for you to prove the impact you make in your field and information on how your business provides support and input that makes a clear and beneficial difference to those you work with.

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Martin Riley

The Inspire Award

This award is open to any woman who feels her story will inspire and encourage others who may be following in her footsteps. Previous winners have overcome various obstacles on their journeys to success, demonstrating their determination and commitment. Quite simply, they are amazing, inspirational and successful business women.

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Best Networker of the Year

Networking is an essential tool for business growth, information and helpful referrals. This award will be given to the business woman who can show an outstanding contribution to other business owners through organising or running networking events/groups and by consistently passing along relevant and helpful referrals. We’d like you to clearly demonstrate significant support for fellow networkers, along with (where possible) quantifiable outcomes of that support.

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Enterprise Shopping Centre – Eastbourne

Community Spirits Award

The Community Spirits category celebrates the new, varied generation of community-spirited women, passionate about making a positive difference. Whilst recognising the extraordinary and varied contributions of traditional public servants, charity and volunteer workers, we are also seeking submissions from community-spirited young women in business, philanthropic individuals and entrepreneurs leading positive social action. * The award is open to men, women or corporate organisation.

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BWEA 2018 Gold Award

The Business Women Excellence Awards overall winner - This ultimate award will be presented to the business or business woman considered to be the most outstanding of the year. * This category is chosen by the judges in conjunction with the headline sponsor as an overall award and cannot be entered.

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