Frequently Asked Questions

You can enter via the online entry forms or download the word.doc. Make sure you are entering into the correct region - you can enter into differenrt regions if you have company offices located there too.

Step 1

Make sure your presentation is well written - check spelling and grammar.

Step 2

Complete the form clearly; type it on screen or print and write on it. Answer all category questions. Complete a separate entry form and create a separate supporting statement for each category you enter. Decide which categories to enter.

DON’T enter more than three categories and do not enter categories which do not apply to you or your business.

Step 3

Read the category information carefully. Include any information that informs the judges of your strengths, USPs, innovation etc and include as much information as possible, the style and content is up to you - but make sure it is relevant - the judges don’t want to hear how well you did when you raised money for charity if you are entering Digital Woman of the Year.

DON’T write about how unprofessional your competitors are compared to you.

Step 4

Bring on the stats. Judges love real honest statistics. Make them clear and relevant, comparative (eg. year-on-year growth in sales etc) Charts and tables are great, especially if they come from an independent source.

DON’T fib/exaggerate. The judges spot insistencies at a mile.

Step 5

Report your progress - set the scene, e.g. when and how you started, where you operate, who you are (part of a larger organisation/independent) who you work with (in conveyancing, referral networks etc.) professional bodies, industrial qualifications, where you plan to be in the future.

Step 6

Celebrate you successes - tell the judges about local business awards, involvement in community improvements,business qualifications, recognition.

Step 7

Get creative, when you have your relevant and sparkling written entry, liven it up with pictures and charts and tables etc. Keep imagery and text in proportion, we need facts and relevant information more than pictures but they do give a real ’feel’ for your business. Many successful entrants follow the style of their branding and company brochures/website.

DON’T include whole brochures or massive hi-res pictures - resize if necessary to keep the file size of 15MB for the whole entry.

Step 8

Finalise your entry - it does not have to be flashy, it is the content that counts. Remember, your entry will be reviewed on ipads, not a large screen. Remember - maximum of 10 pages, plus the entry form.

DON’T sign it with Docusign type systems - they prevent judges sharing files. To complete the form onscreenm just type your name.

DON’T send more than 10 pages plus the entry form - excess pages will be discarded.

Step 9

Save each entry form and supporting statement as a single A4 PDF, portrait - not landscape. Make sure your entry form is correctly and clearly completed and within the PDF document. (Make a PDF of the two seperate documents, then in Adobe Acrobat - File - Create - Combine fles into a single PDF.) Check that the completed document is no more than 15MB.

Step 10

Send your COMPLETE entries and third-party by the stated closing date for each region. If you only send the form, not your submission, it will not be entered. Please DO NOT expect or request an extension. Send it to fs@carrotevents.co.uk or by post (see address in the footer of this website) or file transfer systems like wetransfer. Email works best!

DON’T forget to book your tickets as soon as booking opens to get the best seats for the relevant region’s awards ceremony - the tables sell out very quickly!

  1. The Business Women Excellence Awards - Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire Editions are open to any business that has offices and/or facilities in each of their stated regions of entry. Individuals or businesses are invited to submit an entry describing their business and answering questions that are specific to their chosen category. They are encouraged to use recent examples of work, including photos and and references and web links to substanstiate their application.
  2. Size of business is not an issue either in terms of employee numbers or turnover except in categories where size is listed.
  3. Ideally, entrants should have a track record of trading for a minimum of 12 months.
  4. If possible, please do not exceed the word cound stated per question (where stated).
  5. Sponsors are not eligible to enter.
  6. If you are entering more than one category, separate application forms should be completed for each submission. Maximum 3 applications per company/individual, this excludes nominations from any third party for example, within the categories. Remember that each entry/nomination will be judged on its relevance to each specific category and the specific questions.
  7. Entries must be received by the Business Women Excellence Awards organisers as per stated dates in each region.
  8. All entrants will be notified by email that their entry has been received. Entry forms and third-party nominations will become the property of the Business Women Excellence Awards and entries will not be returned.
  9. Entries may be submitted by you, your company or via a third party nominator, which could be an organisation or somebody from outside the business. if via a third party nomianation, we will contact them and ask them to submit an enrty in accordance with the rules and eligibility and category criteria.
  10. The judges’ decision is final. Feedback is not provided.
  11. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw an award entry or nomination from any applicant who supply false information within their entry. Judges reserve the right to audit any information supplied.
  12. All finalists must agree to take part in publicity and to attend the the awards gala event which will take place on the stated regional date.
  13. All finalists must agree to make themselves available for a judges’ visit if the judges decide they think it appropriate to your entry.
  14. Winners and runners-up will be announced at the awards ceremony.
  15. Award winners and runners-up may state in advertising, promotional activity and on their stationery that they are winners or finalists, but this must include the category and the year in which the award was won.
  16. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any award category if no satisfactory entries, nominations or applications are received.
  17. By submitting and completing an entry for these awards, you are therefore agreeing to these terms and conditions.